As a nautical shop specialised in hardware since 2009, KM Nautisme offers all on-deck equipment required for handling your boats - both online and in store. Discover our wide array of nautical accessories, and make your choice of snatch blocks, shackles and cleats supplied by the industry’s most renowned manufacturers.

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Mousqueton SNAP SHACKLE -... Tylaska


Tylaska T Snap Shackles are perfect for boat applicatio...

Symmetric Carbin Hook Wichard Wichard

Symmetric Carbin Hook Wichard

I deal for harnessing yourself or making an anchor point...

€11.06 -15% €9.40
  • -15%
Manille textile réglable... Nodus Factory

Manille textile réglable T-close K -...

Manille textile de Ø2-8mm réglable autobloquante multi-u...

€12.00 -10% €10.80
  • -10%
Cosse Coeur 4mm ployamide -... Plastimo

Cosse Coeur 4mm ployamide - PLASTIMO...

Cosse Coeur 4mm ployamide - PLASTIMO - PL44592


KMS40 RAIL STD 21/24 mm 2.85 M

KMS40 RAIL STD 21/24 mm 2.85 M

Reef hook KHR - KARVER Karver

Reef hook KHR - KARVER

Reef hook, from 1 to 12 t of working load - Available i...

€280.80 -10% €252.72
  • -10%
Opening luff rope prefeeder Wichard

Opening luff rope prefeeder

Single handed opening luff rope prefeeder  Easy to ins...

€87.65 -15% €74.50
  • -15%

Hardware for professional and amateur sailing

KM Nautisme offers a selection of the very best hardware brands and stainless steel products to fit out your motor or sailing boat. Our nautical shop in Baden and our online store offer all the boating equipment you could need for out on the deck, in the cabins, the wardroom, the cockpit, as well as rigging accessories for sail manoeuvres on your sailing boat or catamaran. All our boat hardware products are made by expert brands:  Antal winches and crank handles to adjust the sails, Barton Marine trailers and Genoa tracks, Barton and Spinlock camlocks, Tylaska carabiners, Nodus shackles, Harken tool posts and Wichard cleats.

Our shops carrying flagship hardware brands

Do you have a favourite brand of boating accessories and nautical equipment? All our boat hardware products are available in our dedicated stores, carrying the most renowned nautical brands:

  • Viadana Yacht Equipment, an Italian brand established in 1961
  • Ronstan, one of the largest hardware suppliers in the world
  • Antal, a designer and manufacturer of hardware ranges for sailing boats since 1977
  • Tylaska, an American brand whose robust carabiner is known throughout the world
  • Nodus Factory, a French manufacturer of textile fixation solutions and connectors for the nautical field, based in Vannes
  • Plastimo, a French supplier of pleasure-sailing boats and a manufacturer of professional racing boats for the last 50 years
  • Profurl, the legendary leader in the production of furling systems since 1980
  • Sparcraft, an expert hardware brand founded in California in 1962 and mostly established in France, where it has two of its three production sites for boating equipment.

Private boat hardware and on-board tools

Our hardware shop provides a wide range of nautical equipment, amongst which private boat items: low-friction rings, Ronstan Shock blocks, T-Bone and Spool Shackles by Tylaska, and trampoline or cover knobs to be riveted. You will also find all the boating accessories you could possibly need in our hardware aisle, amongst our selection of on-board tools - namely Leatherman multi-purpose clamps and Opinel, Victorinox or Lalizas knives.