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After having been approved by a very large number of runners, discover the multiple applications of this revolutionary product! Sailkote Mc Lube is a lubricant translucent dry specially developed for marine applications. Easy to use and without impact on the environment, the Sailkote dry quickly to turn into a film, super adherent on most of the support, soft to the touch, ultra-glissant and hydrophobic. Dry coating, it does not cause the accumulation of dirt and dust and contaminates not on other surfaces. The Sailkote is five times more efficient and durable than the basis of grease, oil or Teflon lubricant. The best sailors and racers in the world use the Sailkote for years to increase the speed and performance of their boat, enjoy their experience! You navigate or régatiez in board sailing, dinghy, keelboat monotype, on a class America or on a cruise ship, the Sailkote significantly increases the performance of your boat and the crew. Find out more
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MacLube Spray170ml Harken

MacLube Spray170ml

Sailkote™ High Performance Dry Lubricant

Spray macLube 470 ml Harken

Spray macLube SailKote 470ml

Dry high performance Sailkote ™ lubricant bomb 470 ml

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Drum macLube 945 ml Harken

Bidon MacLube 945ml

Phony SailKote 0.95 litre lubricant dry high performance...

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Drum macLube 3-78 l Harken

Mc Lube 3.78l

Phony SailKote 3.70 litres lubricant dry high performanc...

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MC Lube One Drop Harken

MC Lube One Drop

MC Lube One Drop. Protection for bearings oneDrop ™