Ropes & rigging

Km Nautisme has all the seafaring ropes you could possibly need for a motor or sailing boat (mooring, anchorage, rode, halyard or sheet), as well as all the fixed and removable rigging equipment required for manoeuvring sailing boats and mooring.

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Dynalight - COUSIN - CT13 Robline

Dynalight - COUSIN - CT13

The Dynalight features a breaking strength close to ste...

€7.50 -20% €6.00
  • -20%
CAPRI dockline - ROBLINE Robline

CAPRI dockline - ROBLINE

The mooring rope with the highest abrasion resistance A ...

Aramid cover - FSE Robline

Aramid cover - FSE

Aramid/Polyester 32 strand cover - Perfect to protect yo...

Blue Ocean Doublebraid -... Marlow

Blue Ocean Doublebraid - MARLOW

Ø6 à 14mm - Double tresse en polyester thermofixée issu ...

€2.03 -25% €1.52
  • -25%
Mooring line pack - BLACK... Cousin Trestec

Mooring line pack - BLACK PEARL -...

Package of 5m, 7m or12m with a 30cm eye spliced at one e...

Splicing on simple braid .

Splicing on simple braid

Your lines fitting exactely on your boat

Splicing needle SELMA Selma

Splicing needle SELMA

Splicing needle SELMA   - Ø4 à 20mm

Eye spliced on polyester... .

Eye spliced on polyester rope until...

Your lines fitting exactely on your boat

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Ø6 to 16mm - A cross over rope with a coated dyneema ROB...

Polyamide squareline Rope -... Cousin Trestec

Polyamide squareline Rope - COUSIN...

A very comfortable rope, easily splicable on mooring ch...

ALBATROS Floating rope Robline

ALBATROS Floating rope

Ø6 to 10mm - Floating - Perfect towing rope for dinghies...

€0.79 -20% €0.63
  • -20%
Lifeline - VDM Euromarine

Lifeline - VDM

Lifeline VDM : Indispensable equipment for the safet...

Rope Braidline Cousin Trestec Cousin Trestec

Rope Braidline Cousin Trestec

Ø6 to 32mm - Universal polyester double braid, usable ev...

€1.20 -20% €0.96
  • -20%
MERIDIAN - COUSIN - CT793 Cousin Trestec


Ø6 à 14mm - Polyester double braid, a compact rope with ...


Spliced messenger end

Your lines fitting exactely on your boat

Double braid Polyester RIO... Robline

Double braid Polyester RIO - FSE ROBLINE

Double braid Polyester docking rope Existe en  10, 12,...



Our waxed whipping twine is available in many colors an...

Globe 5000 MK3 - ROBLINE Robline

Globe 5000 MK3 - ROBLINE

Ø6 to 16mm - A cross over rope with a coated dyneema SK3...

€2.10 -15% €1.79
  • -15%
Dock line package FUTUNA -... Cousin Trestec

Dock line package FUTUNA - COUSIN...

Conditionned in package of 5m, 7m or 12m with an splice...

Mooring line FLATLINE -... Cousin Trestec

Mooring line FLATLINE - COUSIN...

Flatline rope is a soft mooring line made of polyester

Dockline pack 3 Strand... Cousin Trestec

Dockline pack 3 Strand Polyester -...

The polyester 3 strand rope has excellent resistance to ...

Dyneestar - COUSIN - CT605 Cousin Trestec

Dyneestar - COUSIN - CT605

Ø3 to 18mm - A high quality rope that can be used everyw...

€0.85 -15% €0.72
  • -15%
D-splicer with fixed handle... Dsplicer

D-splicer with fixed handle - F-series

The D-splicer is available as a single needle with a fi...



Made of polyamide, the laid 3-strand Rapallo boasts exc...

€3.73 -20% €2.99
  • -20%

Boating ropes

As a specialist in boating equipment for professional seafarers and sailors, amateur sailors and nautical clubs, KM Nautisme offers a large selection of ropes either cut-to-measure or by the spool. Among our ropes sold by the metre, we have halyards and trim lines, mooring lines, sheets, anchor and towing ropes. As an ideal solution for protecting roping from abrasion and making slippage easier, over-sheath sold by the metre originates from flagship suppliers such as Cousin Trestec and FSE Robline. Our polyester over-sheath can also be used to sheathe cable runners to avoid wear due to friction with other elements on the boat. Regardless of your seafaring rope needs, KM Nautisme also offers mooring packs, Vectran rope spools, mini-spools of cord and coils of leaded braided rope for light anchoring.

Rigging equipment

In addition to seafaring ropes,KM Nautisme also provides tools and accessories available either in kits or individually: whipping twine, sail boat needles, cable-cutter, eyelets, hollow-bore needles, long-eyed needles and special sailing scissors. Our rigging aisle also counts many different furling and reefing systems, standing rigging, vangs, rails and trailers.

Our seamanship services

Make the most our flawless seafaring services carried out swiftly by our expert teams here at KM Nautisme. We offer splicing services for single-braided ropes, and coreless splicing on double-braided rope, as well as messenger whipping for sail boat ropes to prevent your halyard from fraying and making it easier to install. Get your perfect rope cut to measure thanks to KM Nautisme! Your nautical ropes can be customised upon request: our boating professionals can do any form of splicing for race and leisure sailing boats , as well as whipping, shackles, stripping and over-sheathing, for any length and diameter you desire. We work with whichever boating rope brand you prefer, whether it be Cousin Trestec, Lancelin, FSE Robline, Regata or Marlow