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Reboarding systems

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Insert emergency scale Plastimo

Insert emergency scale

Insert emergency ladder Plastimo. Allows a person to go ...

Safety Rescue Sling harness Plastimo

Safety Rescue Sling harness

Safety harness Rescue Sling, complete system of recovery...

Scale of relief - 5 steps Plastimo

Bathroom ladder 5 steps

This scale of relief comes in a bag. It attaches along t...

Support Rescue Line stainless steel Plastimo

Support Rescue Line stainless steel

Support for attachment on the balcony of your system Res...

Air-Droppable rescue ladder - 4 steps Plastimo

Air-Droppable rescue ladder Plastimo...

4 Echellons air-droppable rescue ladder, allows a person...

Rescue Line Plastimo

Rescue Line Plastimo

Rescue Line line of jet for recovery of a man at sea