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Allen key 5mm - fits... Cad Kat Eurotrax

Allen key 5mm - fits EuroTrax wheel...

This Allen key fits M6 Allen screws, any of our ...

Snapbutton Cad Kat Eurotrax


Snapbutton - resilient button safety mechanism for tubes...

Tube clamp 50mm V2A Cad Kat Eurotrax

Tube clamp 50mm V2A

Tube clamp 50mm V2A - for securing the cradle's positio...

Tube clamp 35mm V2A Cad Kat Eurotrax

Tube clamp 35mm V2A

Tube clamp 35mm V2A - for securing the cradles on a 35 m...

Eye bolt / O-ring unit Cad Kat Eurotrax

Eye bolt / O-ring unit

Eye bolt / O-ring unit - spare part for JetTrax 1x4/1x6

M8x 200-DIN 931-V2A Cad Kat Eurotrax

M8x 200-DIN 931-V2A

M8x 200-DIN 931-V2A - high quality steel Allen screw, le...

Screw nut M8, V4A Cad Kat Eurotrax

Screw nut M8, V4A

Screw nut M8, V4A - self-securing screw nut M8 - wrench...