List of products by manufacturer Nuova Rade

Since its inception in Genoa (Italy) in 1955, the company has developed Nuova Rade
a real industrial know-how in plastics processing, often registering
precursor for blow molding, rotational molding and plastic injection.


More than 600 products, of which 80% own manufacture.

● Panels and hatches
● Chests and boxes
● Buoys and floats

• Lead partner of all sites for the production of custom products, at the best value.
• 80 operators and technicians in plastics: injection, blow molding and rotational molding.


• An impressive machinery including presses 500 tons, capable of handling parts up to 1.5 kg.
• Expert engineering ABS, PVC, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate and Delrin.
• An industrial site impressive 7000 m² 5000 m² of production and storage.


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